Useful Tips


All members of 'PHS' must come to class wearing comfortable and decent clothing. Remember, you should always be ready to perform!


Due to the layout of the studios, any persons more than 5 minutes late to class will NOT be permitted into class.

Community Space

At PowerHouse Studios, we provide a study area for anyone needing space to complete homework or just to relax after school or work. Please be vigilant to those around and keep the space clean and noise levels to a minimum.

General Information


PowerHouse Studios places dancers in appropriate levels according to ages. 

Level 1 - Age 3-4 

Level 3 - Ages 5-6 

Level 4 - Ages 7-8

Level 5 - Ages 9-11

Level 6 - Ages 12-14

Level 7 - Ages 15-17

Length of Classes

Level 1   30 mins

Level 2   30 mins

Level 3   30 mins

Level 4   45 mins

Level 5   45 mins

Level 6   60 mins

Level 7   60 mins

Please note....

Anyone wishing to do Acro must enroll in a ballet class of the same level. This is due to the high physical demand on the body which needs great attention to detail and maximum control of the body. 

All ballet classes have been scheduled before Acro classes on the same day to help facilitate this rule.